LA Telephone System

LA Telephone System

Telephone System Sales LA - Los Angeles

Telephone System Sales LA - Los Angeles

LA Telephone System Sales

LA Telephone System Sales
E System Sales, Inc. provides new Telephone System sales in LA - Los Angeles, CA. We provide Telephone Systems manufactured by two of the worlds most well known electronics manufacturers NEC and Panasonic.

Discover the Difference
If your business is in LA - Los Angeles CA. and you need a new Telephone System.  Discover how NEC and Panasonic Telephone Systems can automate your business by automatically routing calls 24 hours a day seven days a week, reduce time spent with unwanted and annoying phone calls, eliminate the need for a costly fax line, make you and your associates more available to your customers.

You and your business associates can count on ESSI to provide you and your associates the information needed to decipher your new LA Telephone System needs.  We provide the needed business phones at an affordable price, provide quality business phone installation services, provide training, and support for the years to come needed to maintain your new business phones.  E System Sales, Inc. will be there for you in LA - Los Angeles CA.

What We Offer  
Quality Telephone System manufactured by name brand electronics manufactures. Support and training for the life of your new Telephone System to the original purchaser. Remote programming services the lower the cost of maintenance fees as a tech visit is not required
The best way we can Save You Money is if you can get the NEC or Panasonic Business Phones wired in we can save you money with our remote programming services that range from free to $295.

NEC Telephone System

NEC Telephone System

Panasonic Telephone System

Panasonic Business Phones

NEC 1000 Starter Kit with 3 Phones $749.00
NEC Phone System with three phones & installation cables $749.00

NEC 8 X 16 Phone System with 16 Phones
$3459.00           add to cart 
NEC 8 X 16 Phone System with 16 Phones and Voice Mail

KX-TA864 Advanced Hybrid phone system with 3 telephone includes:
$729.00            add to cart 
Panasonic TA824 System with 3 Phones

KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid phone system with 10 phone & voice mail includes:


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LA Telephone System