Telephone System Features

Comonly Used Features

Automated Attendant: Automatically answeres and routes calls or provides callers neded information automatically.

Call Conference or Barge In: Multiple users can participate on a outside call or a user can participate on multiple outside calls.

Call Hold: allows users to place calls on hold either system wide or to a users telephone.

Caller ID: allows telephone system users to see who is calling in when information is available

Call Transfer: allows users to transfer calls to other extensions or to off-premise phones such as Cell Phones.

DND Do Not Disturb: allows users the ability to not allow incoming calls of any kind with the touch of one button.

Speed Dials: system wide supports up to 1000 speed dials and up to 20 personal speed dials per extension.  A user can program speed dial buttons on a telephone that allow users to quickly dial frequently used phone numbers.

Voice Mail: Allows Callers to Leave a Message an an Extension.

Hotel Features

Call Accounting: Primary function is for Long Distance Call Billing.

Operator Console: Used mainly on older systems. A phone addition with many programmable buttons used to see what room is calling or for ease of transfering calls.

Wake Up Call or Timed Reminder: A receptionest can program a pre detmined time a guest can receive a call.

Advanced Features:

All Call Distribution: Used mainly for tech support call centers with a high call volume. Callers wait on hold for he next available representative for assistance.

Call Forwarding: A user can program their phone to ring at a pre-determined destination such another extension or a cell phone.

Call Transfer to a Cell Phone: Receptionest can easily trasfer a celler to a cell phone or an offsite locations such as a second business location, etc...

Desk Top Client: Allows a phone to be monitered or operated from a computer desktop.

Mobile Phone Client. Phone calls can be placed from a mobile phone or transfered to a mobile phone.

Voice Mail to Email: Sends a voice mail typically as a wave file to a users email box either on a phone or computer.